Xybion Digital Acceleration Platform

Low Code, Cloud Based, Dynamic and Intelligent BPM

Business Environments Evolve Rapidly. Now You Can Too.

CIOs and CDOs now have a powerful tool for propelling time-to-market, reacting quickly to evolving business requirements, and reducing operating costs. XDP allows organizations to retire disparate systems and experience the efficiency of a single collaborative workplace and content management system through dynamic workflow software.

Build & Deploy Faster

Simplify Development

Reduce Cost

A True Digital Acceleration Program

The Xybion low-code Digital Acceleration Program (XDP) is a cloud-based intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) application. XDP is designed for users where high levels of regulations and strict evidence-based documentation of activities are required.

XDP  incorporates Internet-Of-Things (IoT) where customers, supplier/vendors, partners, governing bodies, and any other external/internal stakeholders in the company’s value chain can collaborate in a secure, single cloud-based solution. It is ideal for multinational, multilingual, and multi-partner work environments.

Out-of-the-Box Apps

The Xybion cloud-based Digital Acceleration Platform enables applications to be rolled out faster, reduces processing time, and helps companies implement new functionality and capabilities as new regulations are introduced.

Our cloud-based Digital Acceleration Platform provides multiple apps to manage business processes and workflow-integrated content management. Domain-specific applications provide out-of-the-box solutions but can also be easily configured to support unique business processes through our “Your Process – Your Way” customization services.

XDP Includes Three Must-haves for a True Digital Acceleration Platform

Unified Operational Ecosystem

Delivers data integrity across processes, quality, and compliance domains.

  • Ties together four key dimensions of every regulated business: process, quality, compliance, and data assets. Traditional solutions  are soiled, leaving orchestration up to you.
  • Realize greater data integrity through a common platform.
  • Easily harvest efficiencies via integrity breadth and functional depth.

Lets you quickly personalize the platform to meet the needs of your business. 

  • Solves the “Last Mile” problem with an easily tailored solution specific to your needs.
  • Eliminates the high cost inherent in customizing traditional enterprise solutions, and the manual workarounds typically needed while you wait for those customizations to be delivered.

Intelligent Digital Workplace

Mobilize People & Stay Connected

Creates a workplace that includes all the modern tools and gadgets you expect.

  • Leverages modern digital channels – mobile, chat, cloud, collaboration capabilities – without sacrificing functional depth.
  • Automate processes so that team members can concentrate on those business-critical tasks that cannot be automated.
  • Connect, manage, and support operational teams comprised of both internal and external resources.

XDP’s Functional Architecture brings all needed functionality for dynamic processes – governance, risk, quality, non-conformance, compliant, case management, content management, and integration capabilities – on a single low-code COTS platform offered as a Platform As A Service (PaaS).

Xybion Digital Acceleration Platform

XDP Platform Key Features


Flexible Task Management

Appointment Management

Dynamic Business Process and Workflow Designer

Model-simple and complex business rules, sub processes, conditional routing, and robust notifications and alerting.

Form Builder

Codeset Management

The heart of our low-code platform Codesets is like Lego blocks of codes that can be assembled to create infinite freedom for the users to have “Your Process – Your Way.”

Integration Framework and Tools

Data Security

Rules Engine

Third-Party Integrations

XDP integrates with:
Notification Systems
and other third-party systems through custom API integration.

Report Mapping and Report Creation

Audit Trails

User Management, Roles, and Security


Export and Import Functionality

Support Modules

User Permissions

Value Chain Connectivity

Connect your stakeholders in a secure, cloud-based solution with XDP.


Cloud-based collaboration features empower the external and internal stakeholders to connect, communicate and have transparency to critical information.

Offline Workplace

Allows remote internal users and authorized contractors to download relevant information and to fill forms offline. Easily re-syncs when connected to the network.


Allows external and internal stakeholders to collaborate and have access to their business-critical data from the value chain information mesh in an agile way.

Secure Offline Workspace

With offline workspace capabilities, auditors, assessors, and third-party organizations can work disconnected from the network, upload results, and create reports effortlessly.

Configurable End User Navigation based on Security.

Quick searches, Advanced Faceted searches, and Exports available.

Configurable End User Navigation based on Security.

personalized lists of records in the format desired with saved filters.

Built-in customer’s need-driven authentication capabilities

LDAP, SAML, and more modern OAuth are easily set up on servers and root DN for Various Databases and mail settings.

Tablet View

Xybion Digital Acceleration platform-screenshots

Mobile View

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