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Welcome to Emidence, the first of its kind, end-to-end digital platform connecting all stakeholders within the managed care industry. Whether you are an employer, a health care provider or a payer, Emidence has a platform for you. From first report of injury to claims closure, Emidence is a connected cloud solution to help simplify claims administration. With no software to download, Emidence is a secure, mobile platform. Emidence connects you internally and externally to manage care rather than the process, enabling you to focus on what you do best, your core business.

Experience healthier workers, lowered total cost of administration, improved compliance and lower risk with Emidence.

Emidence is a unique technology platform that provides a configurable, cloud- based solution designed to manage the entire workers’ comp process from incident reporting through EHR to claims processing and payment. Depending on which stakeholder you are in the total process, you can choose to use applicable modules of the platform or work towards a complete end-to-end approach.
Built on digital acceleration platform, a low-code technology stack, Emidence enables organizations to improve operational efficiency, fast-track innovation and reduce costs by managing workplace health & safety across multiple sites of single organization. It helps simply the complex evidence-based documentation activities and compliance processes of Occupational Health and Occupational Medicine through automation of end-to-end health & safety workflows.

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Emidence XD - Workplace Health & Safety Platform

Emidence Workers’ Comp Cloud™ delivers a full suite of integrated applications that provides increased operational efficiencies and lowered costs.
Xybion is proud to introduce its medical bill review platform and suite of integrated applications to the care management industry. No longer will you need to manage and tolerate “islands of data” as Workers’ Comp Cloud delivers a “single source of truth.” Integrating with existing claims systems and other third-party vendors, Xybion offers one cloud platform ensuring data integrity throughout your organization. Our digital solution represents the convergence of people and technology, bridging the gap between the employee, provider and payer in the workers’ comp and auto industries.

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A single Cloud Platform empowering all stakeholders along the employee care, safety, risk and compliance continuums, each module is purposefully built to easily integrate with clients’ existing core systems. From Soft Tissue Injury (STI), configurable care management tools through digital Medical Bill Review, our comprehensive and stand-alone solutions are powered by integrated state and nationally recognized guidelines. In addition to primary care and specialists, our psycho-social, distinct chiropractic and Physical Therapy (PT) capabilities ensure the highest level of effectiveness when managing employee care.

In the compliance arena, our OSHA, Incident and Asset Management solutions are flexible, configurable and allow for the highest levels of reporting, tracking, auditing and corrective actions.

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