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Industry Best Practice for Quality, Compliance & Validation

Challenges Maintaining the Validated State for Emerging Technologies

You will learn :

  • What has changed for the pharmaceutical industries with the evolution of hardware and how the available software products have also changed so dramatically?
  • With regulated applications and records commonly being loaded to laptops, learn about maintenance of the validated state of these computerized systems.
  • Learn how cloud providers are unaware of the types of controls required to support pharmaceutical activities.

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The pharmaceutical industry must effectively communicate its needs to the cloud providers.

So what does this mean relative to maintaining the validated state of applications that the pharmaceutical industry may outsource to cloud providers? It all distills down to three words…Service Level Agreement.

The contract agreement between the cloud provider and the pharmaceutical client will be the pivotal document to define how the validation of hosted applications will be maintained.

Security in a cloud environment will be a critical issue for the pharmaceutical industry.

A cloud-based Compliance, Quality & Risk Management platform unified with R&D, Labs, Predictive Risk, Clinical, Manufacturing, and Document Management