White Paper

Integrating Calibration & Process Data for Maximo

How to bring calibration, process, and operating data for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance?

Learn about:

  • Equipment Calibration Challenges
  • The importance of Integrated Calibration Data
  • Key features of Maximo v7.6 calibration functionality
  • Supporting the growing use of mobile
  • Xybion Solutions for Integrating Calibration Data

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Xybion Solutions for Integrating Calibration Data:

(Bulk Record Import/Export)
– Leverages industry-standard tools to ensure Data Integrity through the import-export process

(Comprehensive Audit Trail)
– Provides the capability to capture audit trail records & user visibility without the need for custom reports or support from IT

Our team of Maximo experts is well-positioned to ensure a smooth transition from current solutions for metrology to a streamlined, cost-effective approach with an integrated Maximo platform.

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