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White Papers

In-depth Insights of Tech Transformation

How to Select the Next Generation of Digital LIMS

Learn the smarter path to managing the new digital lab environment.

The Evolution of Modern Compliance

Discover how technology, software, and automated processes are modernizing effective compliance.​

SEND Intelligence: Achieving Compliance with Managed Services

Learn how comprehensive SEND package preparation and review streamlines your SEND Submissions.

Digital Pathology: Incentives in Preclinical Drug Development

Discover how digital pathology software that is fully integrated with LIMS addresses the most common requirements and concerns of pathologists working in leading pathology and preclinical diagnostic labs.

New Era in Digital Compliance, Quality and Risk Management

Learn how to be effective in the new era of electronic quality management.

Predictive Compliance Risk & Quality Management with Real Time Monitoring

Learn more about the butterfly effect of COVID-19: A New Digital Paradigm for the post-COVID-19 World.

Industry Best Practice for Quality, Compliance & Validation

Learn how to sustain quality, compliance, and validation process after the initial steps.

Laboratory Operation Compliance

Learn the solutions for common non-compliance issues in regulated labs.

Closed Loop Compliance

Learn how to take an ROI based approach on managing compliance process and technology.

Electronic Records Compliance

Learn the tools and techniques for managing absolute time compliance for electronic records, spreadsheets, files, and instrument outputs

Spreadsheet Validation

Learn about how to take control of spreadsheets for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with minimal system and operator changes.

e-Source Data Management for Clinical Trials

Learn about the basic criteria and challenges for complying with e-source data management compliance.

Integrating Calibration & Process Data for Maximo

Learn how to bring calibration, process and operating data for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Is Data Integrity An Impossible Task?

Learn how to ensure accuracy and compliance of data and the management processes.

Digital Transformation of Workplace Health and Safety

Learn about the shifting EHS paradigm, how a quality digital EHS platform can impact the worker’s health and safety journey, and more.