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The Unification Impact: The Unique Benefits of One System that Replaces Many

While the ever-changing regulatory landscape presents itself as a challenge to compliance and quality leaders, it paved a way for a unified system of total compliance, quality, and risk management. Discover how a unified solution can help you with several unique benefits when you attend our free webinar, The Unification Impact: The Unique Benefits of One System that Replaces Many.

The Quality 4.0 Impact: How To Achieve Study Based Audit Efficiencies within a Compliance Framework

The evolution of Quality 4.0 allows organizations to focus on a collaborative approach towards quality and compliance to simplify regulatory audit processes. With Quality 4.0, companies are leveraging an agile QMS solution to streamline processes, ensure audit-readiness, connect global partners, and mitigate compliance risks.

Lab X.0: Unified LIMS, ELN & QMS Solutions on a Single Cloud Platform

Xybion’s digital unified lab operations with cloud-based LIMS and ELN enables your lab to be competitive and efficient in the next generation of digital lab management. Discover Lab X.0: Unified LIMS, ELN, & QMS on a single cloud platform.

Expectations for Nonclinical Data (CDISC SEND) submissions to the FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

Join an exciting live webinar with Xybion Digital to explore the forthcoming expectactions for nonclinical data – CDISC SEND submissions to the FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER).

The Prediction Impact Reduce Compliance Risks with Novel AI and ML Technology

Enrich and improve your quality and compliance risk management programs with AI and ML.

The Digital Evolution of Preclinical R&D​

By advancing your core preclinical processes, laboratory teams can achieve up to 50% increased productivity and can reduce your IT costs by up to 50% while increasing compliance.

SEND Intelligence Services - How Xybion Helps You Prepare for Submissions​

We complete the study data reviewer’s guide in collaboration with you and securely return the complete package.

How to Avoid a Refuse-to-File | FDA Nonclinical Submission Update​

Please Join Bob Friedman of Xybion as he discusses the FDA’s technical rejection criteria (TRC) and what steps you should take to avoid an FDA “refusal to file” rejection in SEND submissions.

Redefining Your Case Management Process in Today's All Digital World

Join our free on demand webinar titled: Redefining Your Case Management Process in Today’s All Digital World and gain exclusive insights from leading EHS leaders and workers’ comp professionals.

The New Era in Digital Pathology

Xybion’s Digital Pathology software delivers unparalleled turnaround times, reduced costs, digital sharing of slides costs, and compliant digital peer review.

Predicting and Mitigating Quality Risk Using AI and Machine Learning with Real-Time Monitoring

Taking a holistic approach towards the new digital paradigm allows business to efficiently predict and mitigate quality risks.

Lab X.0: Addressing Quality and Compliance Challenges in Laboratory Operations in the COVID-19 All-Digital Era

Featured Speakers : Pradip K. Banerjee, Ph.D. is Xybion’s Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. Dhanashri Gudi, Ph.D. is Xybion’s Laboratory Management Specialist and Subject Matter Expert. 

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