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Webinar - Simplify your Compliance

Intelligent SEND Submissions - Best Practices & Current Trends

[Webinar] Intelligent SEND Submissions
- Best Practices & Current Trends

Preclinical research sponsored organizations face issues when receiving and consolidating SEND data from their CROs. Significant data management challenges result in submission delays and significant consulting engagement fees to correct and verify submissions.

Further expanding the complexity of the submission process, is the need to stay compliant with the changing mandates.

Join Bob Friedman, Chief Technologist, Xybion and Brett Coupland, Subject Matter Expert (SEND Data Standards), Astra Zeneca to learn how the recommendations and considerations impact the current SEND trends and the best practices in SEND studies completed in-house and at CROs.

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Bob Friedman

Chief Technologist, Xybion

Brett Coupland

SEND Expert, Astra Zeneca

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