Top 5 Signs You Need To Fully Automate Your Compliance Process

Blog Automate Your Compliance Management Processes Today Did you know that regulations in the United States create such a need for compliance and other types of services that, if isolated, the ‘regulation industry’ would rank as the world’s eighth-largest economy? As such, more than a third of all businesses outsource their compliance needs. But new technology […]

Challenges and Opportunities Facing Biopharma Companies

Blog Biopharma Opportunities Today and Beyond Biopharmaceuticals are projected to reach over $526 million by 2025. It is the most sophisticated and refined achievement of modern science. While this field is promising, the biopharma industry presents challenges that need to be addressed. There are numerous reasons why the industry’s rapid growth and increasing importance are creating new […]

Seamlessly Identify and Prevent Common Data Integrity Issues

Blog Mitigating Common Data Integrity Issues Manufacturers in regulated life sciences businesses depend on data integrity to check their products’ quality, safety, and effectiveness before releasing them to the market. Consequently, regulatory authorities have high expectations for data quality and integrity.  Companies that don’t follow the regulatory standards and compliance could get fined, jailed, or […]

Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Biotech Industries​

Blog Quality Assurance and Quality Control Did you know that the global biotech industry is expected to be worth more than $3 trillion by 2030? With a number like that, it isn’t surprising that biotechnology is gathering so much attention. With the ability to affect most areas of our lives, this could soon be the most […]