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Content Management and Migration Software

Content Management and Migration

The Vital Path Suite™ is an enterprise data and information migration software solution designed to deliver advanced capabilities to federate, integrate, replicate, and migrate disparate content, data and information management systems. Leveraging the power of the Vital Path Suite™, companies now have the ability to consolidate their content management repositories through harmonized integration. The Vital Path Suite™ is built using standard technology and easily accommodates most systems environments. The Vital Path Suite™ can be used for many applications as highlighted below.


Today’s progressive organizations have established effective ECM strategies to efficiently manage and distribute content across the enterprise, reduce costs, and ensure sustained compliance and content governance. To remain competitive, companies must ensure that their content effectively supports current enterprise transparency and business requirements.

An essential element of an effective enterprise content management strategy is the ability to consolidate, migrate, and deliver enterprise content in a secure manner. The Vital Path Suite™ is a comprehensive application suite designed to help facilitate enterprise content strategies. Vital Path’s unique vendor-neutral platform helps organizations manage all aspects of their content management strategy including content security, metadata, and enterprise collaboration.

The Vital Path Suite’s rich capabilities allow organizations to connect existing enterprise repositories, federate content, integrate systems, replicate critical data, and migrate legacy repositories.

In order to effectively manage all aspects of content within an enterprise, an organization must first unify the many content management solutions throughout the infrastructure. The Vital Path Suite allows organizations to unify all their content management applications by facilitating the development of an Enterprise Content Strategy, to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Federation – Connect, manage in-place, control and search on records through one centralized application

Integration – Provide a transparent view of mission critical information between disparate repositories to increase visibility, accessibility, and functionality

Replication – A mirror image of your information that changes simultaneously to enhance multisite accessibility

Migration – Easily and rapidly migrate simple or complex content and meta-data structures in a secure and managed environment

Benefits of VitalPath Suite

• Fully Automated Migrations

• Real-time dashboard and reports

• Integrates with existing systems

• Regulatory compliant

• Scheduling and notifications

• Maintains System Integrity

• Pre-built and custom connectors

• Flexible licensing model