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ECM-XD, based on Xybion’s Digital Accelaration Platform (XDP), provides a single, secure cloud platform architected to integrate end-to-end enterprise processes and content. In addition, the process rules, security, faceted search capability, powerful query builder and report capabilities allow data to be retrieved at the right time by the appropriate people, which can include partners, external service providers and other stakeholders via secured solution and mobile platforms.  It offers full versioning, a flexible folder/file structure; workflow-based document review, approvals and distributions; full text searches and notifications and multiple views (structures) of the files in the ECM structure; metadata to tag and perform auto-filing and document workflows.

The platform drastically cuts time when managing vast amounts of documents and it can be configured to prompt users to add the right type of documentation at the correct step. Even with file “heavy” processes, intelligent tagging of content metadata allows auto-filing in the content structure along with full text searches and smart views enabling customers to find documents rapidly.

Many document management systems require you to adapt your business processes to fit the software. Xybion believes this should be the other way around – the software should be adaptable to your business processes. ECM-XD fully supports the way YOU work; Your Processes – Your Way”.  The key platform features allow for a single, out-of-the box yet highly-configurable solution to holistically manage compliance related information across an organization’s entire value chain.

Key Features:

  • Powerful, customized Dashboards: Purpose-built, configurable information views based on role, task management, recent activities, roll-up information, favorites, each widget securable, charts, graphs, trend lines, drill-down diagrams, and location-based data.
  • Templates and Forms: XDP’s Document Management System (DMS) allows document templates to be created and used as needed and filed into a user-configurable hierarchical “folder” taxonomy. This taxonomy supports setting document permissions at a higher level if desired.
  • Check-in/check-out, versioning, rendering, approval, search and expiring document tracking capabilities with full text search and retrieval: Provides controlled, secure access and flexible revision capabilities. Workflow allows documents to be routed for review, approval and distribution. Ability to capture, record, edit, track and update classification and retention of information on all documents.
  • Linking of workflows and documents: Documents and other workflows are organized by “Your Process – Your Way” – such as by departments, location, document type, claims number, job types, etc. Documents can be routed through all applicable reviewers and approved in a controlled manner.
  • Audit Trail and visualizing status: Comprehensive audit trails support compliance. Visual status indicators alert users to the status of a document at a glance.
  • Automatic PDF conversion: Flexibility to specify automatic PDF conversion for any document in the repository.
  • Creation, storage and retrieval of information in multiple formats, and the ability to drag and drop documents and automate digitization
  • Ability to receive documents in multiple formats: Paper, e-fax , SFTP, and email attachments. Drop the documents into a drive like Google Drive or Dropbox and digitize through an automated OCR process. Keep detailed history of all changes.
  • Attach associated documents and record for the defined task fields and workflows; visualize records and workflows together: Documents, records, tasks and workflows can be associated and/or assigned to a user or user group. Monitor status of individual tasks on a searchable monitoring panel.
  • Dual ID/password; non-biometric e-signatures; time out security expiration: Enforces the uniqueness of each user ID and password combination for authentication. Supports the use of e-signatures comprised of a secure user ID/password combination.
  • Tagging on content, metadata, documents and records: Each user can configure private tags on documents in order to find them more rapidly.
  • Task management: Link with email – document tasks are sent to a centralized workload engine and notifications of status and other events are distributed to the user’s email to facilitate timely completion of critical document activities.
  • Full electronic signature manifestation: All electronic records include full signature manifestation with printed name of signer, time/date stamp and meaning of signature.
  • Document hyperlinks: Allows users to embed internal document hyperlinks to support key regulatory processes requiring internal document links.
  • Quality: XDP conforms to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems – requirements, clause 4.2.4, p. 11 ensuring that records remain legible, readily identifiable and retrievable. In addition, XDP can enforce procedures for record identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention time, and disposition (disposal).
  • Bulk changes across documents and bulk import/export: Smart tags allows bulk changes across multiple documents, assuring that the same changes are made across all documents. Metadata tags allow bulk import and export.
  • Support for controlled and uncontrolled documents: Allows users to specify if documents are controlled or uncontrolled for good corporate governance.
  • Comprehensive document security: Robust, configurable security model that allows security profiles to be applied based on document lifecycle stages.
    • Active Directory Integration, email integration, API and Integration Framework for Connectors for Device/Instruments. Both push and pull allows the targeted master system to retain control over its data
    • Multi-lingual capability, Bar code readers, Integrated touchless phone calls, Touch screen enabled system, Mobile enabled, Voice over command for data entry and sending texts
  • Configurable document properties: Easily configure document attributes to facilitate search and retrieval as well as document accessibility.
  • Skill and Training Record Management: The web-based skill/competency and training record management solution allows organizations to comply with current training regulations by identifying all the required skills and needed training per each job role.  Manage, track and report against online training, offline training, classroom training sessions and all other training activities.  Provides online examinations and extensive management reporting for easy assessment of an individual’s performance and the evaluation of overall training effectiveness.
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