Xybion’s Digital Acceleration Platform: Simplify & Unify

eQCM-XD is the industry’s only QMS that integrates the three core principles of a Digital Acceleration Platform. The Digital Acceleration Platform is based on Xybion’s XD platform and incorporates:

Unified Operational Integration Framework

The foundation of the Digital Acceleration Platform is the “Unified Operational Ecosystem.” It is ONE system that combines operational applications, quality management and compliance.

Intelligence regarding quality and compliance is applied to business processes as they happen, instead of being done retroactively by siloed applications. eQCM-XD ensures process fidelity, data integrity, and chain of custody protection across your organization.

Rapid Configuration Engine

The Savante data warehouse can utilize TIBCO’s Spotfire® as a data visualization tool,. This provides powerful, flexible access to all of your pre-clinical data by study directors, toxicologists, pathologists, and data scientists. The flexible querying, analysis and visualization capabilities support on-going operational study monitoring as well as cross-study analysis from historical study data.

Intelligent Digital Workplace

eQCM-XD facilitates an Intelligent Digital Workplace that enables team members to collaborate via the cloud, with full calendar, alerts, chat, and email capabilities. It provides this Intelligent Digital Workplace to your entire team – both internal team members and external partners and processes.