Learning Management

Digitally Manage Training, and Compliance Records

In accordance with cGxP regulations, ISO standards and OSHA regulations, organizations must ensure that personnel performing various duties have the appropriate education, training, and experience to perform their duties. To document and demonstrate that these requirements are being met, organizations must also keep training records.

Xybion provides a comprehensive training and competency management software module as part of its CQRM XD Quality Management software suite. The cloud-based software helps you comply with requirements for electronic signature, electronic records, and software validation such as 21 CFR Part 11 from the FDA.

Competency Management

Appropriate training facilitates worker productivity, provides assurance to the company that workers are aligned with corporate practices and procedures, and reduces costly human errors that can result in operational interruptions or even loss of life. Proactive training plans can also enhance a worker’s perception about the corporation, helping companies with employee retention. With CQRM XD, you can implement a best practice approach for competency management.

Key Features:

  • Security: Training records can only be accessed by designated users
  • Validity: Employee training records are easily tracked and ready for audits
  • Visibility: Report on training records at any time
  • Variety: Create training content and manage records from any type of training (documents, classroom, online, etc.)
  • Skill Analysis: Assess competency level of users.

Achieve Total Compliance with CQRM XD Quality Management Modules

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