Internal Controls

Deliver an Effective Internal Control System

In today’s business environment, maintaining an effective control environment is essential. That’s why Xybion provides a complete internal control and internal audit software solution as part of the CQRM XD Quality Management suite.

Our comprehensive solution includes embedded best practices and flexibility for deployment in any systems environment/ CQRM XD Quality Management seamlessly integrates with standard enterprise technologies including Microsoft, Oracle, EMC/Documentum, and others to ensure compatibility with most system environments.

Within CQRM XD Internal Controls Module, you can manage your control environment, risk assessment, control activities, information and communication, and ongoing monitoring in compliance with your company’s business objectives all in a single platform.

Be Prepared for Internal and External Audits

With CQRM XD’s Audit Management Module, you will always be ready for the next audit. The cloud-based system will help you be prepared for auditors to assess the effectiveness of your internal controls, including:

  • Internal audits, including the board of director audit committees
  • External audits, such as third-party consultants and regulatory departments

Achieve Total Compliance with CQRM XD Quality Management Modules

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