Incident Management

Minimize Risks with Effective Incident Management

Critical incidents resulting in injury, illnesses, or loss of life can hamper productivity and significantly impact your bottom line. Financial impacts include medical expenditures and possible legal actions. In addition, significant incidents can also impact your corporate reputation, lower employee morale, and disrupt production.

With CQRM XD, you get an enterprise quality management software platform that provides a complete incident management solution to help you consistently and appropriately manage incidents. The secure, cloud-based platform provides enterprise collaboration and communication to ensure incidents are managed appropriately and in compliance with internal procedures and outside regulatory requirements.

Maintain Accurate Records

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires U.S. employers to maintain accurate records and make periodic reports on work-related deaths, recordable injuries, and illnesses.

The quality of these records is of paramount importance for anyone who uses the resulting data. Problems with consistency, accuracy, or completeness can compromise the data and reduce the quality of the decisions made based on those data.

With CQRM XD, you reduce compliance risks by managing incidents in a consistent, system-driven process.

Key Features:

  • Configure workflow engines to automate incident reporting, investigation, treatment, and corrective action processes
  • Create the first report of incident forms in the system – without programming
  • Automate approval and review sequences
  • Provide critical information to the right people without jeopardizing privacy requirements
  • Provides managers access to see the status of current processes, identify bottlenecks and review critical indicators to optimize process performance

Achieve Total Compliance with CQRM XD Quality Management Modules

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