Complaint Management

Document, Manage, and Control Customer Complaints

Customer complaints present unique challenges to manufacturers across multiple industry sectors. By nature, customer complaints represent dissatisfaction with either product quality or performance in a post-distribution environment. Valid complaints may lead to required changes in manufacturing product specifications or the costlier action of a product recall.

CQRM XD’s Customer Complaint Management Module is designed as part of an integrated GRC suite to efficiently document, manage and control customer complaints in compliance with current regulatory guidelines and best practices.

Compliance in Regulated Industries

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the FDA’s Quality System Regulation (QSR) require well-established processes to effectively monitor and control customer complaints. To ensure effective governance and compliance, your complaint handling system should not only collect feedback from unsatisfied customers, it should also have the capability to effectively document the failure investigation process and link to the appropriate Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA).

CQRM XD’s Complaint Management Module provides you enhanced visibility into product or manufacturing challenges. Its powerful workflow engine documents and automates critical business processes, including documentation, management, and control of customer complaints in a streamlined and efficient cloud-based system.


  • Flexibility to manage customer satisfaction in a broader context
  • Action plans, notifications, and customer satisfaction ranking
  • Ability to monitor customer satisfaction, determine impact and take appropriate Corrective and Preventative Action
  • Customizable forms, communication management, and adaptable workflows that automatically trigger investigations or corrective action based on user-defined criteria

Achieve Total Compliance with CQRM XD Quality Management Modules

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