Accreditation, Credentialing and Privilege Management

CQRM XD: Accreditation, Credentialing and Privilege Management

A One-Stop Cloud Solution for The Entire Lifecycle of The Accreditation and Credentialing Process

Accreditation module provides an end-to-end planning, activity management, documentation, and communication solution for the Accreditation. The solution will help Accreditation Boards, Certified Accreditation Bodies and Partners tie various disparate functions into a single software platform thus increasing efficiency and accountability in accreditation engagements and their ongoing maintenance and certification activities. The information flow and exchange cuts across Program Manager, Lead Assessor, Witness Auditor, Client Manager, and other core internal and external stakeholders.


  • Assessment/Activity Scheduling 
  • Assessor/ Auditor assignment based on qualifications.
  • Assessment communication and notification
  • Assessment Execution and documentation 
  • Witness Audits
  • Findings Management and Criteria Matrix (Requirements) Assessment
  • Activity and Documentation Approval


  • Interoperability between internal workflows and external systems. Auto-Fill data in multiple places in Forms, Workflows, and Documents.
  • Automated official & formal reports.
  • Allows Auditors & Assessors to work securely while visiting customers & other third-party organizations in the offline workplace.
  • Embedded Digital Content Management System supporting all file types.
  • Creates and controls business-centric forms.
  • Manage & Trigger Workflows, Tasks, Events and Changes, allowing collaborative work without system constraints.

Rapidly Configurable Applications for Various Sectors

For Life Sciences Sector:

Efficiently Manage Required Certifications and Accreditation Workflows and Non-Conformances. Be Always Accredited.

  • Receiving and maintaining accreditations from organizations like AALAC for Animal facilities, MDSAP for Medical Device manufacturers along with various local permits and certifications are essential for continuous operations of the businesses.
  •  The Accreditation module provides opportunities to have ready configuration be always ready to meet the requirements of these essential approvals for running efficient operations without interruptions and undue risks. 

Works The Way You Work with Full Security & Data Integrity

Secure Access

Predict Compliance Risk, Prioritize Actions and Be Always Ready for The Next Inspection.

For Hospitals and Health Care Providers:

Seamlessly meeting complex standards, policies and controls requirements of accreditation for Joint Commission of Health in the USA and internationally or similar government bodies in specific countries are critical for continuity of operations.

Hospitals: Standards for Continuity of Care, Patient Care/Education, Care of Patients, Management of Medication, Continuous Quality Improvements, Responsibility of Management, Facility Management & Safety, information management and human resource management and policies are some of the processes and workflows that can be personalized for each country or jurisdictions.

Providers: Credentialing management and background information from professional licensing authorities are automatically captured and stored in individual personnel files. These credentials can be linked with contracts. 

Privilege Management: Delineation of privileges for each provider at various facilities and the required management process can be automated.

For Accreditation Bodies and Certifying Organizations:

CQRM Accreditation Module can automate your internal processes and operations and makes it easier for the customers to be efficient in handling inspections and be always ready.

  • Manages granting and reviewing of approvals.
  • Provides and audit trail for documentation and evidence control.
  • Generates action item emails for continuous review of your documents.
  • Manages quality findings, contractors, suppliers, and third-party service providers on a global scale.
  • Manage Human Capital: Assign role-based trainings across the organization to gain visibility and insights in the employees’ performance.
  • Runs reports on all past and present activities to prepare for future audits.

Closed Loop Accreditation and Re-Certification Process.

Key Features

Intelligent Resource Management

  • Qualification and availability-based scheduling.
  • Offline Assessors’ tools

Streamlined Workflow Management

  • End-to-end accreditation processes with task management capabilities
  • Scope Management, Auto-generation of multi-lingual reports
  • Automated Web Publishing

Digital Information Transformation

  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Embedded Content Management
  • Multi-dimensional searches

Integration and Compliance Framework

  • Seamless integration with internal systems, assessors, auditors, customers, and external stakeholders
  • Audit Trail for traceability
  • Standards-based compliance measures

Solution Screenshots

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