SharePoint Monitoring Software

Many organizations rely on Microsoft SharePoint for enterprise storage of critical business data and other associated files.

ComplianceBuilderTM can help organizations achieve compliance and reduce operational risk by enabling detection of activities which are exceptions to normal user behavior (SharePoint Monitoring). For example, the administrator is able to execute control on a given SharePoint Library by defining the time window and threshold of download for a given user. If the user exceeds the threshold, the administrator will be notified immediately, and corrective actions can be taken within minutes of detecting suspected fraudulent activity. For routine oversight purposes, administrators can run deviation reports and inspect any outliers or unusual operational actions.

Many organizations use SharePoint Monitoring on ComplianceBuilder to add a layer of security to highly sensitive and business critical file Libraries such as client contracts, proprietary product/technology specifications, pricing and business documents, and more.

ComplianceBuilder does not require installation on the SharePoint server and is seamlessly integrated with your routine IT ecosystem.

ComplianceBuilder supports SharePoint versions 2007 and above

ComplianceBuilder enables you to monitor and audit SharePoint Libraries. The SharePoint Server Configuration page enables you to configure the system to gather information regarding download activity and receive email alerts when threshold limits are exceeded.

Best Practices for Enabling SharePoint Compliance


  • Risk Reduction: ComplianceBuilder allows you to reduce the risks associated with storing sensitive files in SharePoint by gathering information and reports on download activity for highly sensitive file systems.
  • Fraud Detection: Act on the information quickly and prevent the misuse of critical information with real-time email alerts.
  • Increased Compliance: Prevent users from exceeding the maximum number of downloads and monitor unusual activities via automated reporting features.