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Xybion Digital: Accelerating Laboratory Results | Pittcon 2023

Blog Xybion Digital’s Laboratory Acceleration Solutions at Pittcon 2023 Are you looking to upgrade your laboratory’s software and solutions? Look no further than the Pittcon Conference + Expo 2023! This premier event offers speakers, product demonstrations, and more for life sciences lab professionals.  At Xybion Digital, we aim to accelerate labs’ timelines from discovery to […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Biotechnology

Blog Artificial Intelligence is Accelerating the Biotechnology Industry Biotechnology is experiencing a revolutionary phase unlike anything seen in recent history.  Spectacular advancements in biotech cover everything from CRISPR gene-editing technology to massive data analytics systems, to tailored therapeutics. And facilitating all this development is the most important technological innovation of our time: artificial intelligence.  Whether it’s […]

How to Ensure Data Integrity in R&D Labs?

Blog What is Data Integrity? In alternate sci-fi universes, you can always find one character who has a computer super-brain. Recall that in Star Trek, the human-like android is named Data. The human crew has a complex problem to solve. The android character, who looks just like them on the outside, simply closes their eyes. […]

How To Choose the Right LIMS Software for Your Laboratory

Blog Choose the Best LIMS Software The LIMS market is worth 1072.7 million and is expected to reach USD 1440.2 million by 2027, according to Brand Essence Market Research. With that much money being spent on LIMS software, it’s no surprise that the question of which one to choose arises. Overloading yourself with a long […]

Creating the Winning LIMS Team

Blog What is the Best LIMS Solution for Your Organization? The speed at which technology is changing in 2022 can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to updates to applications and software. This includes key applications such as the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solution. Keeping up with these changes and updates can be difficult […]