How Artificial Intelligence Improves Your Compliance Risk Management Program

Blog Improving your Compliance Risk Management Program with Artificial Intelligence The global artificial intelligence (AI) market is set to hit the $267 billion mark by the year 2027. It’s arguably the biggest problem-solver of the digital era. Companies are using AI to help them stay compliant in their industries. Your ability to mitigate and respond to […]

Challenges and Opportunities Facing Biopharma Companies

Blog Biopharma Opportunities Today and Beyond Biopharmaceuticals are projected to reach over $526 million by 2025. It is the most sophisticated and refined achievement of modern science. While this field is promising, the biopharma industry presents challenges that need to be addressed. There are numerous reasons why the industry’s rapid growth and increasing importance are creating new […]

What is Bioinformatics and How to Use It?

What is Bioinformatics and How to Use It? Bioinformatics is the Future With a global market valued at 11.4 billion in 2021 and growing, the field of bioinformatics is the future. The importance of bioinformatics is increasing every year. There is an urgency for faster and more accurate answers to scientific questions. This is where science merges with […]