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Programs and Objectives

A Complete Programs & Management Objectives (PMO) Software

The Key Features of Xybion QMS Quality Management Programs and Objectives

QMS-OT is a unique quality management solution that is highly flexible, configurable, and scalable across your enterprise. The OpenText foundation enables seamless compatibility with existing technology infrastructure and provides visibility, accessibility, and traceability of business processes. OpenText offers a robust, enterprise-ready platform that delivers a highly scalable web-based platform for document management, imaging, records management, and document archival in a single secure platform for organizing and sharing electronic and physical content across the enterprise.

ISO Compliance

Provides managers the ability to create management programs in compliance with ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and OHSAS regulations, to track related objectives, action items and targets, and see at-a-glance status of how the organization is progressing against corporate goals.

Continuous Improvement

Allows organizations to define and increase the visibility to continuous improvement processes. Organizations can establish goals and define activities necessary to achieve those goals. Set objectives, targets, activities, and measure in accordance with a balanced scorecard.

Strategic and Risk Accountability

Provides a reduction of strategic risk by establishing goals in compliance areas and conducting and tracking activities necessary to meet those goals.

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How Xybion QMS Quality Management Programs and Objectives Can Help

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and paper processes with a cloud-based system that provides real-time status updates and monitoring.