QMS- OT Features

Xybion’s QMS is based on a tight integration with the OpenText framework. Our integrated quality management solution leverages the Open Text platform to drive operational efficiency and productivity through imaging, document management, as well as graphical and intuitive workflow. Open Text offers a robust, enterprise ready platform that delivers a fully featured, highly scalable, and Webbased document management, imaging, records management, and archiving system with a secure, single platform for organizing and sharing electronic and physical content across the enterprise. Open Text’s industry leading Enterprise Content Management tools coupled with Xybion’s quality management solution help companies effectively and efficiently manage quality content throughout its entire lifecycle.

Completely Configurable

Built on a Robust, Open Text® Content Management System

QMS Module can be installed in the Open Text® Content Server

A High Degree of Scalability

Reports (Standard/

Status Updates

Email Notification

ID Generator