Reproductive Toxicology

The Pristima® Core provides a complete Reproductive Toxicology Software module as part of its preclinical data management solution. The final report is the end product of your study and ultimately the critical factor in communicating the outcome of your project.

That’s why table production, statistical analysis, and automated report generation are built directly into the Pristima platform, enabling you to streamline daily reporting activities as well as the compilation of the final report.

Pristima provides a single solution to handle all typical and atypical reproductive toxicology study designs, including fertility and fetal development, post-natal development, and multi-generation studies. Measurements, notes, and observations can be recorded for adult animals, offspring, or even non-animal subjects (i.e., rooms and cages).

Key Features:

  • Automatic randomization and manual assignment of animals to groups
  • Automatic assignment of animal start dates
  • Unlimited number of staggers based on mating or delivery dates
  • Assignment of animals to cages, supporting one or multiple animals per cage
  • Assignment of animal RFID implant chips
  • Assignment of blinding number to each animal, beneficial for blind data entry on
  • Teratology Studies
  • Robust Support for Protocol-Driven Activities:
  • One to four generations of animals per study
  • Online capture of body weights
  • Online capture of food and water consumption
  • All types of clinical observations, including dose-response and other time-sensitive observations
  • Online dose administration, including barcoded confirmation of the dose container
  • Online sample collection (blood, urine, sperm, milk, etc.)
  • Site-specific custom measurements
  • Parturition data, including births, deaths and delivery time
  • Pup and litter assessments and measurements
  • Online capture of final maternal body weights, checked against most recent in-vivo weights
  • Online capture of organ weights, checked against the final body weight
  • Macroscopic observations, checked against clinical signs
  • Tissue accountability and tracking
  • C-Section implant and CL counts
  • Uterine examination and fetal measurements
  • Fetal fresh and fixed pathology
  • Daily completion checks, with an activity monitor that provides study managers with views of complete/incomplete activities

About Pristima Core 

Pristima Core is a fully integrated enterprise solution for preclinical data management that delivers complete lifecycle automation and support for Pharmacology and Drug Safety Research study management, vivarium management, and veterinary care. From breeding and ordering through the study submission process, Pristima Core manages the planning and recording of data, controls authorized changes, and assembles the data for submission to regulatory agencies.