Pharmacy Management

The Pristima® Core provides a complete Pharmacy Management module as part of its preclinical data management solution. The module enables laboratories to maintain accurate inventory and document the usage of test materials, while providing the user with step-by-step formulation instructions. Inventory includes, but is not limited to, test compounds, control compounds, and excipients. Material distribution and usage may be tracked by study or on a user and/or date basis.

By interfacing with barcode readers and balances, online formulation activities are controlled by scanning the barcodes on bulk containers, formulation containers, pre-mixed containers, and dose containers. Each step is documented and time-stamped for proper tracking, and every resulting dose container is assigned to a dose group and a specific dose period.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive material master records
  • Detailed material receipt, shipment, and distribution records
  • Unique barcode identification for all containers
  • Use of packages to store, move, or discard multiple containers at once
  • Registration of the material supplier and manufacturer
  • Track movement of the material within and between laboratory areas
  • Definition of study formulation instructions, which may be derived from templates configured for your organization
  • Automatic calculations and execution of formulation using step-by-step confirmations and weights
  • Full support for solutions, suspensions, capsules, drug-in-diet and drug-in-water formulations
  • Full GLP and OECD compliance

Pristima is designed to help organizations comply with critical GLP and OECD regulatory requirements in the preclinical environment. All results are subject to audit trail, time stamp, and user signature features, enabling you to operate in a quality-centric environment that offers the best choice for securely managing your preclinical information.

About Pristima Core 

Pristima Core is a fully integrated enterprise solution for preclinical data management that delivers complete life cycle automation and support for Pharmacology and Drug Safety Research study management, vivarium management, and veterinary care. From breeding and ordering through the study submission process, Pristima Core manages the planning and recording of data, controls authorized changes, and assembles the data for submission to regulatory agencies.