The Pristima® Suite provides a complete Necropsy module as part of its pre-clinical data management solution. The necropsy module controls a specific set of activities intended to enable pathologists to correlate work previously performed in-vivo.

Key Features

Protocol-Driven Activities

  • Online capture of final body weights, checked against the most recent in-vivo weights
  • Online capture of organ weights, checked against the final body weight
  • Macroscopic observations, checked against clinical signs & palpated masses
  • Tissue accountability & tracking sample collection (blood, urine, sperm, milk, etc.)

About Pristima®

Pristima® is a fully integrated enterprise solution for pre-clinical data management that delivers complete life cycle automation and support for Pharmacology and Drug Safety Research Study Management, Vivarium Management, and Veterinary Care. From breeding and ordering through the study submission process, the Pristima® Suite manages the planning and recording of data, controls authorized changes, and assembles the data for submission to regulatory agencies.