Key Features and Benefits

  • Supports 21 CFR Compliance
  • Pristima® is designed to support compliance with 21 CFR Parts 58 and 11. Its unique design provides built-in flexibility, enabling integration with both GLP and non-GLP compliant laboratory environments.
  • Integrated and Enterprise-Ready Pristima® is designed for integration of the various roles involved in the research study, including vivarium managers, study directors, animal technicians, formulation scientists, pathologists, report writers, and more.
  • The entire pre-clinical workflow is covered end-to-end by one system, with data captured in one global repository. With support for multiple languages, multiple time zones and various study types, Pristima® supports data capture across the enterprise
  • Modular Design Offers Flexibility
  • The Pristima® suite offers numerous modules, which allow you to select a targeted combination of functions to meet your specific organizational requirements and workflows.