Colony Management

Pristima® Core is a preclinical software solution that provides a complete clinical pathology management solution as part of our software platform. Your lab’s efficiency suffers when you are restricted to a study-specific worksheet of samples that may be received into the laboratory over the course of the day.

Pristima provides you with the greatest flexibility and maximizes your efficiency. Pristima is the only preclinical data management system with Host-Query operations that enables you to register the receipt of a sample from any study at any time and place it directly onto the the Pristima Colony Data Management functions make it unique among toxicology data management systems. Unlike other applications, Pristima treats each animal as an individual, unique subject and manages each animal’s data across multiple studies from the time it is ordered until its final slide is assessed.

Colonies are established with a set of planned activities, events that are planned at set time points for the animals in the colony such as monthly body weights or weekly clinical observations. The colony’s activity plan provides the user each day with a list of activities to perform and the animals to work on.

Colony Management Benefits:

The Pristima Colony Management module tracks animal orders and receipt information including birth, parental and supplier information. Animals may be assigned an RFID implanted chip which can be used to identify the animal everywhere in the colony or the animal’s assigned study. Once registered, each animal is assigned to a colony or directly to a study.

Animals in a colony follow the colony activity plan and can be weighed, assessed for health, vaccinated, medicated, and assigned a use protocol. Additionally any individual animal may have a treatment, supplement or health assessment individually scheduled and performed.

The animal may spend an unlimited amount of time in its colony prior to assignment to a study and each facility may design a Study Readiness Criteria that is to be met before the animal can be used on a study. Animals may be used on a study and then returned to the colony where they may be assigned a washout status or restricted to non-GLP study use.

Key Features:

  • Sample Collection (i.e. Blood, Urine, Feces)
  • Online Hematology And Clinical Chemistry Analysis
  • Online Urine Analysis Online Body Weights
  • Clinical Observations
  • Veterinary Observations
  • Ophthalmology Observations
  • Treatments – With Instructions And Procedural Confirmations
  • Medications – With Lot, Expiration And Supplier Information
  • Vaccination Administration – With Lot, Expiration And Supplier Information
  • Administration Of Dietary Supplements Enrichments

Pristima Core is a comprehensive Research and Safety Study Management application. The system offers advanced capabilities for toxicology and pathology data management. Pristima® VM delivers extensive capabilities for vivarium management and veterinary care. This unique solution delivers key features that effectively bridge the gap between the business, animal management and scientific aspects of research absent in many of today’s preclinical solutions. Pristima VM’s rich graphical user interface and detailed reports and visualizations deliver the most comprehensive animal facility solution.