Clinical Pathology Software

Pristima® Core provides a complete Clinical Pathology software solution as part of its preclinical software platform. Laboratory efficiency suffers when you are restricted to a study-specific worksheet of samples that may be received into the laboratory over the course of the day. Pristima offers a unique Host-Query communication mechanism that enables you to register the receipt of a sample from any study and place it directly into the instrument for analysis, eliminating the need for paper worksheets.

By combining samples from various studies into a single run (including QC samples), laboratories can optimize human resources and instrument consumables, eliminating the start-stop procedures commonly required with a “worksheet” approach.

In addition to optimizing laboratory efficiency, Pristima promotes regulatory compliance and internal quality assurance by enabling a robust audit trail for results, including time stamps and e-signatures.

Key Features:

  • Support for sample collection planning, including the ability to define bleeding order and sample identifiers
  • Support for sample barcode label scanners and printers
  • Most comprehensive list of instrument interfaces available from a commercial platform
  • Ability to interface with custom instruments rapidly
  • Flexible, study-controlled test orders for samples
  • Real-time visualization of sample results, including the ability to specify two different range-checking alarms
  • Instrument control for linear calibration
  • Support for key animal characteristics, including species, strain, sex, and age
  • QC sample inventory management functions such as register, approve, retire samples by lot, etc.
  • QC sample data analysis
  • QC data review with integrated Westgard Rules Checks & Levy-Jennings Plots using historical data
  • Built-In reporting, data summaries and visualization
  • Robust statistical library with user-defined decision trees integrated into each report
  • Full GLP and OECD compliance

About Pristima Core

Pristima Core is a comprehensive Research and Safety Study Management application. The system offers advanced capabilities for toxicology and pathology data management.