Pristima Animal Room

Pristima® Core provides a complete Animal Room module as part of its preclinical data management solution. Pristima Animal Room provides you with a single solution to handle all typical and atypical animal room activities. Measurements, notes, and observations may be conducted on adult animals, offspring, or even non-animal subjects such as rooms and cages.

Key Features:

  • Study management tools
  • Automatic randomization and manual assignment of animals to groups
  • Assignment of animal start dates, including an unlimited number of staggers
  • Assignment of animals to cages (one or multiple animals per cage)
  • Assignment of animal RFID implant chips
  • Assignment of blinding number to each animal – beneficial for blind data entry on neurotoxicology studies
  • Protocol-driven activities, such as online capture of body weights, food and water consumption
  • Support for a variety of clinical observations, including dose-response observations
  • Palpable mass tracking
  • Online dose administration, including bar-coded confirmation of the dose container
  • Online sample collection (blood, urine, sperm, milk, etc.)
  • Site-specific custom measurements
  • Daily completion checks with an activity monitor that provides study managers with views of complete/incomplete activities
  • Online data reviews, enabling the study director to electronically approve and sign the data
  • Built-in reporting provides summary views and general visualization of the data trends
  • Built-in statistical library which includes user-definable decision trees integrated directly into report compilation

About Pristima

Pristima is a fully integrated enterprise solution for preclinical data management that delivers complete life cycle automation and support for Pharmacology and Drug Safety Research study management, vivarium management, and veterinary care. From breeding and ordering through the study submission process, the Pristima Core manages the planning and recording of data, controls authorized changes, and assembles the data for submission to regulatory agencies.