Vivarium Management

The Pristima® VM Suite provides a complete Vivarium Management (VM) module as part of preclinical data management solution. Pristima VM is the research industry’s first enterprise software solution for vivarium management and veterinary care, fully integrated with research and safety study management.

When used in conjunction with the Pristima preclinical solution for study management, Pristima VM delivers advanced, end-to-end capabilities for managing veterinary research subjects and the facilities in which they live. The solution enables organizations to track veterinary research subjects throughout the research process, collect critical results, and delivers comprehensive reports for regulatory submission purposes.

As a flexible platform with a number of modules available, Pristima VM suits the needs of both complex and routine vivarium facilities.

Animal Research Facility Management

Xybion’s end-to-end business process management solution establishes a centralized platform for a laboratory animal research facility. It helps streamline the complex data workflows of laboratories and provides a single point of access to research data and functionality to multiple stakeholders.

The software for animal research management is highly configurable to the research requirements. It helps improve the lab efficiency, saves money, and reduces the regulatory risk. Xybion’s expert team identifies the process gaps and integrates the solution for maximum benefit.

Apart from meeting the regulatory and accreditation requirements, Pristima VM focuses on ensuring the quality of environmental conditions.

Pristima VM helps streamline and manage external customers, third parties like external labs, vendors to support US FDA 21 CFR Part 58 guidance on Multi-Site studies. Managing vendors to meet qualification and documentation requirements from a regulatory standpoint is a breeze with Pristima VM.

Lab Managers can perform the following functions with Pristima VM:

  • Supplier Management
  • Customer Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Location Management