Animal Research Facility Management

Xybion’s end-to-end business process management solution establishes a centralized platform for a laboratory animal research facility. It helps streamline the complex data workflows of laboratories and provides a single point of access to research data and functionality to multiple stakeholders.

The software for animal research management is highly configurable to the research requirements. It helps improve the lab efficiency, saves money, and reduces the regulatory risk. Xybion’s expert team identifies the process gaps and integrates the solution for maximum benefit.

Apart from meeting the regulatory and accreditation requirements, LabwiseTM focuses on ensuring the quality of environmental conditions.

Some of the typical processes where Pristima VMTM supports are

Compliance: The protocols are managed well to generate accurate reports. These reports comply with legislations and guidelines, such as USDA, AAALAC, GLP, APHIS and more.

Operations: It simplifies the workflows by combining disparate systems for compliance, operations, animal welfare and by bringing multiple users like researchers, facility staff on one platform.

LabwiseTM enables real-time tracking of animal requests and orders, which, in turn, supports the billing process.

Animal Management: From study management to reporting, complete workflows involved in animal management are streamlined, tracked and made compliant.

The laboratory staff is supported in assigning animals to groups, then to cages (one or multiple), RFID implant chips, blinding numbers for neurotoxicology studies and more.

Key Features of Pristima VMTM Animal Management Solution

Global Regulatory Compliance

  • Adherence to global legislations and guidelines, like USDA APHIS, EU 2010/63, UK Home Office, German TSchG for management of Protocols and Reporting
  • Accurate and real-time tracking of animal numbers for compliance

Automated Logistics of Animal Requests & Orders

  • Automated and configurable process for order approvals
  • Integration of approval process with Finance and eProcurement Systems
  • Verification & validation of automated process check against protocol, validation rules and capacity

Automated Billing & Invoicing

  • Calculation of costs based on per diems, animal procurement, husbandry, services and more
  • Generation of flexible and dynamic reports and invoices with ease of use for facility administrators
  • Interfaces available for connection to financial systems

Task Management

  • Assigning multiple tasks that can be linked to animals, users, rooms
  • Day-to-day tracking of task list and management overview
  • Configurable request and approval workflow
  • Recurring tasks
  • Customized data forms and templates for data management
  • Actual- tracking and update of task and object history

Animal Room Facility & Vivarium Management Software

  • Simplified data tracking of animal room capacity
  • Paperless workflows and customized data templates to manage room history and tasks management
  • Automation of cage management, census, & billing
  • Assignment of RFID implant chips and barcodes for cage identification

Veterinary & Experimental Records

  • Customized and configurable templates for animal history records and tasks, for veterinary care, study management, science support
  • Enabling bulk record imports of health records and history data
  • One complete system for all your Animal and Study Data management

Dynamic Tracking Solution for Animal / Colony Management

  • Customized cage cards with barcode & RFID capability
  • Tracking & identification of animals and cages through barcodes and RFID technologies
  • Comprehensive data capturing and maintenance of animal details such as sex, strain, ID, genotype, date of birth, health data, and history
  • Tracking and documentation of Post Approval Monitoring, USDA and AALAC reporting
  • Tracking mating selection, pairing and timings
  • e-Reporting of colony performance
  • Assignment of animals to groups individuals
  • Simultaneous tracking of animals and animal numbers for protocols and of animal transfers between protocols
  • eRecording of study protocols
  • Enabling smoother communication in task requests for planning and communication between facility staff and researchers
  • Facilitating automated solution for managing multiple species