Animal and Veterinary Management (IACUC)

Total Preclinical R&D Management Solution

Easily Comply with IACUC Protocols

Federal regulations require compliance with Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) protocols for animals used in research, teaching, and testing. With our IACUC Protocol module, you can manage the IACUC protocol ID and the total number of approved and available animals. You can use the module on a standalone basis or in conjunction with Pristima XD Colony Management module.

Our Cloud-Based Digital Software is Easily Configured to Meet Your Specific IACUC Protocol Questionnaire and Approval Processes.

Powerful Reporting

The IACUC module of Pristima XD VM includes a powerful reporting engine that allows you to configure and display reports in your preferred format. Standard reports include animal census, IACUC animal utilization, and USDA pain category reports.


Veterinary Management

The veterinary clinical case module in Pristima XD  allows you to automate veterinary treatment processes for sick animals. Integrated with Pristima XD Colony management, or as a standalone module, you can document clinical observations and automatically send results to the veterinarian through email notifications and task management. The veterinarian will then record examination results and schedule treatments if needed. These treatments can then be sent for approval or be directly scheduled. The treatments can also be documented and assigned to staff.

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Cloud-based software for managing veterinary health, orders, billing, and clinical records for long-term studies.

Pristima XD VM module for
animal research facility management

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