Animal Care and Use Management (IACUC)

The IACUC Protocol module comes with minimum required fields for managing the IACUC protocol ID, total number of approved and available animals. The module can be configured to your specific IACUC protocol questionnaire and approval process. Additional configurations for animal management can be done in Labwise® XD, however utilizing the Pristima® Colony Management provides a comprehensive animal management system. Various reports can be configured such as animal census reports, IACUC animal utilization and USDA Pain Category reports.

Veterinary Management

The Veterinary Clinical Case module enables users to automate veterinary treatment process for sick animals. Integrated with the Pristima Colony management or as a standalone module, users can document clinical observations of animals and automatically send those results to the veterinarian through email notifications and task management. The veterinarian will then record his examination results and schedule treatments if needed. These treatments can then be sent for approval or be directly scheduled. The treatments can be assigned to staff and documented within Labwise.