Pristima VM

IACUC, Veterinary, and Facility Management

Unsurpassed Management Capabilities for Animal Care

The Pristima XD Veterinary Management (VM) module provides robust functionality for animal care and use committees in managing veterinary health, orders, billing, and clinical records for long-term studies.

Pristima XD VM can be run as a stand-alone application or as part of a total Pristima XD preclinical R&D solution. The animal care module provides uninterrupted data management from the entrance of animals into a research facility to the submission of regulatory reports for safety testing.

With Pristima XD, you can converge operations and compliance on one platform, resulting in a lower cost of ownership, reduced IT complexity, and a more robust solution for today’s laboratory.

Pristima XD Goes Beyond Traditional LIMS/ELN Systems

Xybion enables organizations to drive operational efficiency while also maintaining oversight, proper governance, and overall compliance in regulated laboratories operating under GLP, GMP, and GCP.

Key features of the Pristima XD Veterinary Management Module

Global Regulatory

  • Adherence to global legislations and guidelines for the management of protocols and reporting, including USDA APHIS, EU 2010/63, UK Home Office, German TSchG.
  • Accurate and real-time tracking of animal numbers for compliance.

Automated Task

  • Assigning multiple tasks that can be linked to animals, users, and rooms.
  • Configurable request and approval workflow.
  • Recurring tasks.
  • Customized data forms and templates for data management.
  • Actual tracking and update of task and object history.


  • Manage team and task assignments directly integrated with Human Resource systems.
  • Manage staff contact information.
  • Manage training levels and certifications.
  • Presents an overview of scheduled tasks for the supervisor.
  • Personalized My Tasks with scheduled tasks for staff.
  • Enhances communication between investigator and vivarium.
  • Track repetitive tasks, unions of tasks, and task cost.
  • Provides technician door sheet and alerts on uncompleted tasks.
  • Paperless workflows and customized data templates to manage room history and tasks management.
  • Automation of cage management, census, & billing.
  • Assignment of RFID implant chips and bar codes for cage identification.


  • All sites can be geospatially mapped with the site, building, department, floor, room, and cage locations.

Automated Logistics of Animal Requests & Orders

  • Automated and configurable process for order approvals.
  • Integration of approval process with Finance and eProcurement Systems.
  • Verification & validation of automated process check against protocol, validation rules, and capacity.

Veterinary & Experimental Records

  • Animal species outline graphics.
  • Email alerts for veterinarian follow-ups.
  • Wellness reports can be initiated during bed checks with automatic notification to the vet.
  • Customized and configurable templates for animal history records and tasks, for veterinary care, study management, science support.
  • Enables bulk record imports of health records and historical data.
  • One complete system for all your Animal and Study Data management.

Dynamic Tracking Solution for Animal / Colony Management

  • Fully integrated with Pristima XD Colony module for dosing and study and return to the colony for observations and washout periods for large animals.
  • Customized cage cards with barcode & RFID capability.
  • Tracking & identification of animals and cages through barcodes and RFID technologies.
  • Comprehensive data capturing and maintenance of animal details such as sex, strain, ID, genotype, date of birth, health data, and history.
  • Tracking and documentation of Post Approval Monitoring, USDA, and AALAC reporting.
  • Tracking mating selection, pairing, and timings.
  • eReporting of colony performance.
  • Assignment of animals to groups individuals
    Simultaneous tracking of animals and animal numbers for protocols and of animal transfers between protocols.
  • eRecording of study protocols.
  • Enables smoother communication in task requests for planning and communication between facility staff and researchers.
  • Facilitates automated solutions for managing multiple species.

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