Vivarium Management

Total Preclinical R&D Management Solution

End-To-End Capabilities for Managing Veterinary Research Subjects and Facilities

With the Pristima XD Vivarium Management module, you can track veterinary research subjects through the research process, collect critical results and prepare comprehensive reports for regulatory submission purposes.

Pristima XD VM meets the needs of routine and complex vivarium facilities.

Animal research facility management

Pristima XD VM provides a complete process management solution with a centralized platform for laboratory animal research facilities. With the software, you can streamline complex laboratory workflows and provide a single point of access to research data for all stakeholders.

Easily configure Pristima XD VM to your research requirements:

  • Simplify data tracking of animal room capacity.
  • Create paperless workflows.
  • Customize data templates to manage room history and tasks management.
  • Automate census, cage management, and billing.
  • Assign RFID implant chips and bar codes for cage identification.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

With Pristima XD VM, you can manage external suppliers, customers, equipment, and locations in a single cloud-based digital environment. The software can also help you support US FDA 21 CFR Part 58 guidance on multi-site studies. You can gain control of your data to meet all regulatory qualification and documentation requirements quickly and easily in a simple and secure environment.

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Cloud-based software for managing veterinary health, orders, billing, and clinical records for long-term studies.

Animal care and veterinary management

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