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Pristima Veterinary Management

Unsurpassed Management Capabilities for Animal Care

Pristima VM Goes Beyond Traditional LIMS/ELN Systems

Xybion enables organizations to drive operational efficiency while also maintaining oversight, proper governance, and overall compliance in regulated laboratories operating under GLP, GMP, and GCP.

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Reduce Compliance Risk

Implement an all-in-one digital cloud platform to be always ready to meet compliance needs.

Increase Efficiency​

Replace standalone applications and paper trails with fully customized digital solutions.

Reduce Cost by 30%

Compliance Embedded, Quality Engrained, Data Integrity Assured

Key Features of Pristima Veterinary Management

Global Regulatory Compliance

Automated Task Management

Team Management

Scheduling & Resource Management

Animal Room Facility & Vivarium Management

Location Management

Automated Logistics of Animal Requests & Orders

Veterinary & Experimental Records

Dynamic Tracking Solution for Animal / Colony Management

Pristima Veterinary Management Modules

Vivarium Management

Pristima VM module for animal research facility management.

Animal Care

The IACUC module of Pristima VM includes a powerful reporting engine that allows you to configure and display reports in your preferred format.

How Pristima Veterinary Management Can Help

Pristima VM can be run as a stand-alone application or as part of a total Pristima preclinical R&D solution. The animal care module provides uninterrupted data management from the entrance of animals into a research facility to the submission of regulatory reports for safety testing.