Pristima XD Operations & Compliance

Core Study Management with Master Scheduling, Protocols, & Reports

Study Registry

The study registry module of Pristima XD Operations & Compliance allows you to write protocol and includes the required fields to create a master schedule as defined in the CFR Title 21 Part 58 GLP requirements.

Add an unlimited number of fields to automate the protocol and report writing process. Within Pristima XD Operations & Compliance, you can select specific fields during report generation and create master schedule report templates to save time and improve efficiency.

Sample Master Schedule Dashboard

Protocol & Report Management

Protocol creation is easily managed through the study registry module. The cloud-based digital platform allows you to configure specific forms for creating protocols through a self-guided questionnaire process. These fields are automatically populated into a protocol document.

The protocol can then be sent through various workflow configurations for review, approval, and distribution.

Instead of re-typing content from your protocol into a report, the system automatically generates reports based on your protocol data. Use the system to generate reports for:

  • Pathology
  • Toxicokinetic
  • Clinical Pathology

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