Compliance for Laboratory Research Administration

In tune with the global review processes of animal research management, Xybion’s Labwise® XD allows lab assistants to enable compliance with customized electronic workflows.

Some of the research administration & compliance units include:

  • Institutional Animal Care and Use (IACUC)
  • Institutional Review Boards (IRB)
  • Institutional Bio Safety (IBC)
  • Conflict of Interest (COI)
  • Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)
  • Invention Disclosure (ID)
  • Copyright Disclosure (CD)

Key Features of Pristima® Operations & Compliance Software: 

  • Accessibility to multiple stakeholders: Multiple users can access the data of protocols, reviews, attached documents and cross-referenced protocols at the same time. However, the information security is ensured through user-based access controls.
  • Simplified workflows with configurable content help texts and user Guidance Administrators: These configurable, contextual help texts support researchers and committee members throughout the research process.
  • Robust platform to support review process tracking and management in terms of email notifications based on time triggers or events. Here, the information flow between authors and committee members is tracked for compliance.
  • Enabling automated management of training records across the institution: Here, a repository is maintained for training, skills, and competencies, detailed training records in the user profile, automatic expiration notice, built-in workflows for training requests and integration capabilities (e.g. CITI, AALAS Learning Library, other customer solutions).
  • Providing compliance-friendly document versioning, change control and comparison consistency: Data integrity is ensured throughout the processes through in-built check-in/check-out, automatic versioning and tracking functionality.
  • Availability of minutes of meeting records for the committee to manage meeting agendas and inspections.