Operations & Compliance

Total Quality & Compliance for Operations and Logistics Management

A Single Platform for Laboratory Operations & Compliance (O&C)

In today’s global R&D environment, regulatory compliance and laboratory operations are intimately connected. Yet, many traditional laboratory operation solutions, such as LIMS and ELN platforms, have limited capabilities to support the promotion of compliance with regulatory mandates as well as operational excellence.

In addition to supporting the operational aspects of R&D, such as equipment management, training records, material flows, and deviation tracking, the Pristima XD Operations & Compliance module offers additional functions to support laboratory governance, risk, and compliance.

With Pristima XD, you can converge operations and compliance on one platform, resulting in a lower cost of ownership, reduced IT complexity, and a more robust solution for today’s laboratory.

Pristima XD Goes Beyond Traditional LIMS/ELN Systems

Xybion enables organizations to drive operational efficiency while also maintaining oversight, proper governance, and overall compliance in regulated laboratories operating under GLP, GMP, and GCP.

Key Features of Pristima XD Operations & Compliance Software

Multiple Stakeholder Accessibility

Allow multiple users to access or review protocol data, attach documents, and cross-reference protocols at the same time. Information security is ensured through user-based access controls.

Simplified Workflows with Configurable Content Help Text

Easily configure workflows and edit contextual help texts to support researchers and committee members throughout the research process.

Review Process Tracking and Management

Set up email notifications that fire based on time triggers or events. Enable information to flow between authors and committee members and digitally track for compliance.

Leverage a single repository for training, skills, and competencies, and maintain detailed training records. The software includes automatic expiration notices, built-in workflows for training requests, and integration capabilities (e.g., CITI, AALAS learning library, and other customer solutions).

Ensured data integrity with functionality to support document check-in/check-out, automatic versioning, and tracking functionality.

Minutes of Meeting

Easily access and download records for committees that manage meeting agendas and inspections.

Quality Management

Pristima XD O&C encompasses embedded quality management across your studies. The secure, cloud-based quality management system enables you to rapidly deploy the solution across every lab globally.

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Compliance for Laboratory Research Administration

Under global review processes of animal research management, Pristima XD Operations Compliance supports lab assistants in enabling compliance with customizable digital workflows.

Research administration & compliance units include:

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Study Management

Master Schedule, Protocols & Reports

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