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Total Digital Pathology Solution

Intelligent Digital Pathology Solution

Xybion is dedicated to the advancement of software solutions for preclinical and toxicologic pathology. Our Digital Pathology software greatly increases productivity and lab throughput while allowing pathologists to streamline their workflows and review slides more efficiently.

Our Digital Pathology software provides unique competitive and productivity advantages including faster turnaround times, reduced costs, easier pathogen identification, reduction in IT costs, slide storage costs, reduced labor, enhanced output, and simplified sharing of slides with all parties involved in the diagnosis chain.

With Xybion Digital Pathology, you can streamline laboratory workflows, drive accuracy and collaboration with people, process and technology.

The advanced software system automates pathology labs for upgraded performance and better efficiency, allowing labs to operate with state-of-the-art services. The bundled solution balances technical front and management aspects making it a total solution.

Key Benefits

When slides are digitized, they are able to be shared across multiple locations for peer review.

Slides are conveniently stored, analyzed, and annotated.

Potential to reduce human error and improve diagnostic accuracy.

Digital Pathology is built with full laboratory customization capability, allowing you to have your process, your way.

Additional Benefits

  • Conveniently store your slides to be reviewed and annotated while maintaining slide records for future studies, audits, and analysis.
  • Full preclinical lab integration with digital slide reading and full toxicology data collection system.
  • Digitally capture study slides and share them across all locations to enable peer review worldwide.
  • Unify your digital pathology workflows with data entry into your Pathology systems such as Pristima XD.
  • Xybion Digital Pathology software is both scanner and image format agnostic allowing pathology labs to use their current system and reduce costs. 
  • Only system capable of reading DICOM format images from multiple image types.
  • Streamline your pathology workflows, improve slide review times, and view digital slides in full detail.

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