Statistical Analysis Module

Total Preclinical R&D Management Solution

Minimize or Eliminate the need for Third Party Statistical Analysis

The Pristima XD Core Statistical Analysis module includes a comprehensive set of commonly used bio-statistics tools, with detailed reporting of interim test results.

By using the Pristima XD decision tree script to determine the flow of data through the analysis, any statistical significance is annotated directly onto the rendered tables without manual intervention or the need for complex data exports. Integration of statistical analysis tools into the data capture process enables you to view results instantly.

The statistical analysis module allows you to assemble the final report quickly and effortlessly.

Key features of the Pristima XD Core Statistical Analysis module:

Descriptive Statistic

Data Transformation

Online Body Weights

Comparison Tests

A Prior Nonparametric Comparison Tests

Post-Hoc Nonparametric Comparison Tests

Post-hoc parametric comparison test

Categorical and Tumor Data Analysis Tests

Built-In Reporting, Data Summaries, and Visualization by Group, Litter, or Individual Animal

Built-In Statistical Library With User-Definable Decision Trees, Directly Integrated Into the Report Compilation Process

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