Preclinical Reporting Module

Total Preclinical R&D Management Solution

Generate Reports Simply and Easily

The preclinical reporting module in Pristima XD is a complete business intelligence solution. The reporting module allows data from a standard set of tables, appendices, and graphs to be defined for automatic generation.

Take your favorite groupings of tables and easily assemble them into a “set” that you can name and view at any time. Each site may develop an unlimited number of sets, allowing reports to be designed for a particular audience such as the sponsor, study type, or regulatory body that is receiving the final report.

At any point in your study, simply request a specific favorite set and all the reports in the set are generated at once. They are saved to a specific location on your network and subject to version control

You can save significant time with powerful reports that are easy to generate anytime you want visibility into your study.

Key features of the Pristima XD Core Preclinical Reporting module:

Define Format and Content of Output Data Tables Produced in HTML, PDF, MS Office & CSV Format Full GLP and OECD Compliance

Filters to Produce Summarizations by Study, Animal, Date, Subgroup, and Dose Group Upon Demand

Tight Integration – All Data Stays under Pristima XD Control. Robust Embedded Statistical Analysis Capabilities Eliminate the Need for Third-Party Applications

Reports may be displayed on a screen, sent via email, or printed

Visualization of data using graphs.

Design, generate, distribute and schedule reports.

Pristima XD software modules provide full lifecycle automation and support.

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