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Pathology Module

Total Preclinical R&D Management Solution. Flexibility to Support Pathologist Data Entry Preferences.

The Pristima Pathology Module Functionality

Pristima gives users control to set their preferences. Choose your preferred format.

The Pristima Pathology module includes data entry functionality for the pathologist who likes to:

Use shortcut keystrokes to enter data

There is a wealth of data entry and navigation commands available; each optimized to minimize keystrokes and reduce errors.

Use a menu-driven approach

The select menu mode provides the pathologist with intuitive, context-sensitive menus to guide him through the data entry functions.

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Reduce Compliance Risk

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The Key Features of the Pristima Pathology Module

User-Selectable Range of Animals and Tissues Maximizes Screen View

Users Can Change the Mode of Operation to Best Fit the Task at Hand (Command-Driven Mode, Menu Mode, Spreadsheet Mode, etc)

Powerful, Integrated Views into In-Vivo, Clinical Pathology & Necropsy Data

Automated Correlations to Palpated Masses and Macroscopic Observations

Tools to Add or Remove Tissues Being Analyzed

Tools to Add, Edit, Merge, or Remove Diagnoses on the Study List

Ability to Quickly Re-order Tissues or Findings

Flexible Study Sign-Off Functions by Entire Study or by Group/Subgroup of Animals

Built-In Reporting, Data Views, and Visualization Functions

Flexible Statistical Library Fully Integrated into the Report Compilation Process

Pristima Software Modules

From subject acquisition through study submission, Pristima helps you manage the entire preclinical lifecycle.

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