Lab and Facility Management Module

Total Preclinical R&D Management Solution

Effectively Manage your Facilities and Clinical Equipment

With the Pristima XD Lab and Facility Management module, you can register, record and manage critical clinical laboratory equipment and facility information. Our secure, cloud-based software helps you reduce costs and improve efficiencies. With a single platform, you can register and reserve rooms or laboratory equipment, manage inventory and assets, and control user access.

With Xybion, you can manage an unlimited number of facilities and clinical equipment inside your lab or institution.

Key features of the Pristima XD Core Lab and Facility Management Module:

Authorization for Data Collection Is Driven by PC Registration, Enabling You to Restrict Which Devices Are Authorized for Data Collection

Balance Registration Interface Supports Most Common Balance Models

Barcode Reader Registration Interface Supports Most Common Barcode Printers and Readers

Implant reader registration interface supports most common RFID implant systems

Ability to register and reserve room/laboratory

Support for scheduling multi-year equipment and parts replacement at required intervals

Pristima XD software modules provide full lifecycle automation and support.

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