Colony Management Module

Total Preclinical R&D Management Solution

Access, Update, and Share Your Colony Data in Real-time

The Pristima XD colony management module tracks animal orders and receipt information including birth, parental, and supplier information. Unlike other software, Pristima XD treats each animal as a unique subject and manages each animal’s data across multiple studies from the time it is ordered until its final slide is assessed.  

Animals assigned an RFID implanted chip can be identified everywhere in the colony or the assigned study. Using Pristima XD, you can have animals follow activity plans including weighing, assessing for health, vaccinations, medications, and assigning a use protocol. Individual animals may also have a treatment, supplement, or health assessment individually scheduled and performed. 

Managing your colony with Pristima XD is easy.

Key features of the Pristima XD Core Colony Management module includes: 

Sample Collection
(i.e. Blood, Urine, Feces)

Online Hematology and Clinical Chemistry Analysis

Online Urine Analysis
Online Body Weights

Clinical Observations

Veterinary Observations

Ophthalmology Observations

Treatments – With Instructions And Procedural Confirmations

Medications – With Lot, Expiration, And Supplier Information

Vaccination Administration – With Lot, Expiration, And Supplier Information

Administration of Dietary Supplements Enrichments

With Pristima XD, you can design study readiness criteria that are to be met before an animal can be used. Additionally, animals used in a study may be returned to the colony and assigned a washout status or restricted to non-GLP study use.

Pristima XD software modules provide full lifecycle automation and support.

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