Clinical Pathology Module

Total Preclinical R&D Management Solution

A Simpler Way to Enter Clinical Results in an Organized Format

Laboratory efficiency suffers when you are restricted to a study-specific worksheet of samples that may be received into the laboratory over the course of the day. Pristima XD offers a unique host-query communication mechanism that enables you to register receipt of a sample from any study and place it directly into the instrument for analysis 

By combining samples from various studies into a single run (including QC samples), you can optimize human resources and instrument consumables, eliminating the start-stop procedures commonly required with a “worksheet” approach. 

With Pristima XD, you can eliminate paper worksheets and optimize efficiency.

Pristima XD Core Clinical Pathology Module provides support for: 

Sample Collection Planning

Define bleeding order and sample identifiers


Label scanners and Printers

Key Animal Characteristics

Including species, strain, sex, and age

Key features of the Pristima XD Clinical Pathology Module: 

Full GLP and OECD Compliance

Seamless and Rapid Interfacing

with lab instruments that reduce the need for manual data entry

Flexible, Study-Controlled Sample Test Orders

Real-Time Visualization of Sample Results

Including the Ability to Specify Two Different Range-checking Alarms

Instrument Control for Linear Calibration

QC Sample Inventory Management Function

Such as Register, Approve, Retire Samples by Lot, Etc.

QC Sample Data Review and Analysis

with Integrated Westgard Rules Checks & Levy-Jennings Plots Using Historical Data

Built-In Reporting

Data Summaries and Visualization

Robust Statistical Library

with User-defined Decision Trees Integrated into Each Report

Pristima XD software modules provide full lifecycle automation and support.

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