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Clinical Pathology Module

Total Preclinical R&D Management Solution. A Simpler Way to Enter Clinical Results in an Organized Format.

Pristima Clinical Pathology Features

With Pristima, you can eliminate paper worksheets and optimize efficiency. Pristima Core Clinical Pathology provides support for:

Sample Collection Planning

Define bleeding order and sample identifiers


Label scanners and Printers

Key Animal Characteristics

Including species, strain, sex, and age

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Reduce Compliance Risk

Implement an all-in-one digital cloud platform to be always ready to meet compliance needs.

Increase Efficiency​

Replace standalone applications and paper trails with fully customized digital solutions.

Reduce Cost by 30%

Compliance Embedded, Quality Engrained, Data Integrity Assured

Key Features of Pristima Core Animal Room

Full GLP and OECD Compliance

Seamless and Rapid Interfacing

With lab instruments that reduce the need for manual data entry

Flexible, Study-Controlled Sample Test Orders

Real-Time Visualization of Sample Results

Including the ability to specify two different range-checking alarms

Instrument Control for Linear Calibration

QC Sample Inventory Management Function

Such as Register, Approve, Retire Samples by Lot, Etc.

QC Sample Data Review and Analysis

With Integrated Westgard Rules Checks and Levy-Jennings Plots Using Historical Data

Built-In Reporting

Data Summaries and Visualization

Robust Statistical Library

With user-defined decision trees Integrated into each report

Pristima Software Modules

From subject acquisition through study submission, Pristima helps you manage the entire preclinical lifecycle.

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