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Pristima Core

Market Leading Preclinical Software Platform. Preclinical Study and Data Management.

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Pristima Core Software Modules

As a comprehensive research and safety study management application, Pristima offers advanced capabilities for toxicology and pathology data management and delivers extensive capabilities for vivarium management and veterinary care. This unique solution bridges the gap between the business, animal management, and scientific aspects of research that is absent in many of today’s preclinical software solutions. Learn more about Pristima:

Pristima Animal Room allows you to seamlessly manage animal welfare and avoid non-compliance fines and penalties while reducing overall compliance risks. Within the module, you can accurately manage census and clinical protocols to support your research.

Pristima Clinical Pathology offers a unique host-query communication mechanism that enables you to register receipt of a sample from any study and place it directly into the instrument for analysis.

Pristima Colony Management tracks animal orders and receipt information including birth, parental, and supplier information. Unlike other software, Pristima treats each animal as a unique subject and manages each animal’s data across multiple studies from the time it is ordered until its final slide is assessed.

Savante provides a mechanism for your organization to create, merge, validate, and visualize preclinical study data regardless of source or format.

Pristima Historical Controls Database is a purpose-built analysis and reporting database designed to accumulate numeric and observational animal, tissue, and sample data from control animals assessed in the Pristima pathology/toxicology modules, or third-party data management systems.

Pristima Lab and Facility Management registers, records and manages critical clinical laboratory equipment and facility information. Our secure, cloud-based software helps you reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Pristima Pathology enables the pathologist to select and change the mode of operation at any time during the data collection session, allowing them to use the best practice to suit each particular task at hand.

Pristima Pharmacy Management enables laboratories to maintain accurate inventory and documents the usage of test materials while also providing users step-by-step formulation instructions.

Pristima Preclinical Reporting is a complete business intelligence solution. The reporting module allows data from a standard set of tables, appendices, and graphs to be defined for automatic generation.

Pristima Reproductive Toxicology provides a single solution to handle all reproductive toxicology study designs, including fertility and fetal development, post-natal development, and multi-generation studies.

Pristima Resource Management offers a resource management solution designed specifically for preclinical laboratories, fully integrated with Pristima study management functions.

Pristima Core Statistical Analysis includes a comprehensive set of commonly used bio-statistics tools, with detailed reporting of interim test results.

Pristima Study Design enables study directors to detail all aspects of the study protocol and defines all activity schedules. Approvals are electronically documented; reviewers are notified by email and amendments to the protocol are effective immediately upon approval.

Experience the Power of Pristima Core

With Pristima Core, you get your entire preclinical workflow covered end-to-end by one system with data captured in a global repository. The software is designed for varied roles involved in research studies, such as study directors, vivarium managers, animal technicians, formulation scientists, pathologists, report writers, and more.