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Xybion Launches a Comprehensive Track, Trace, Care and Case Central Cloud: Exigency-ERT For Managing Post COVID 19 Return To Work Processes

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J.April 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Xybion Corporation, a global software, services and consulting company, announced today that it has released a new cloud-based software application, Exigency-ERT, built on its existing workplace health and safety cloud platform, Emidence XD. It is fully integrated with Human Resource management, Employee Health and Claims systems. This will assist employers in fully documenting, managing the return-to-work, complying with emerging govt. mandates and safe workplace rules in post COVID-19 workplace management. For Healthcare employers this also provides Respirator Mask fitting for all healthcare employees. Immediate benefits of the Exigency-ERT are:

  1. Enable employees to self-report their status for potential Covid-19 infection and automatically notify supervisors and Executive teams as defined by your organization hierarchy
  2. Trace, Track, and Notify all contacts with other employees made by the infected employee at the workplace. This can be automatically created based on their calendars and self-reporting of other incidental contacts
  3. Manage all cases through a “Command Center” Case management platform for all aspects of the case, care and claims, all govt. reporting, internal investigations, corrective actions, training, absence and return-to-work. This can be used by both employers and insurance carriers


Xybion had previously announced that its workplace safety platform, Emidence XD, was selected by Northwell Health to manage workplace safety of its 72,000 employees across 23 hospitals and nearly 800 clinical facilities. Northwell Health®, New York State’s largest health care provider and private employer, has borne the brunt of caring for the most COVID-19 patients of any health system in the New York metropolitan area.

“We are excited to have Xybion’s Emidence platform. We use it for Workers’ Compensation Program administration, including return-to-work, medical case management, safety, safe patient handling and industrial hygiene.  The platform is configured for ‘our process, our way’ capability.  As the Covid-19 crisis unfolded, we reached out to Xybion to utilize their platform to resolve three critical issues: Covid-19 reporting, Fit-testing results and reporting, and the temperature monitoring now required by the CDC.” – Joseph F. Molloy, VP, Workforce Safety, Northwell Health

Dr. Pradip K. Banerjee, Chairman and CEO of Xybion noted “Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the way workplaces need to be managed for health, safety, risk and compliance. In the post COVID-19 world, one thing is very clear- employers, employees and insurance companies will have to implement new ways of working in the post Covid-19 world to insure a safe workplace for employees and customers and comply with various local and national policy mandates.”

Employers need to be able to proactively capture early health safety indicators, track and trace contacts, validate and document compliance with new regulations and deal with Covid-19 Claims. In addition, Insurance companies may require evidence of employer’s processes and policies in place for management of a safe workplace before underwriting insurance policies. Premiums and claims payment may be positively impacted by documented evidence of compliance with safe workplace requirements. Minimizing risk exposure and potential violation penalties has never been more important than in the post COVID-19 world.

This new normal pose many OSHA and Workers Compensation risks and possible sanctions to all Employers. Xybion’s cloud platform assists employers in defining and developing new safe return to work protocols/SOP’s with guidance from Occupational Health and Safety experts. It can be rapidly configured to move these protocols into actionable workflows with a single-source Occupational Health and Safety solutions digital platform.

About Xybion

Xybion is a leading SaaS company dedicated to providing life sciences and health systems companies with innovative software solutions to accelerate the transformation of today’s inventions into tomorrow’s approved medicines, devices, and diagnostic tests designed to save lives and keep employees safe. Our intelligent cloud platform and software solutions help companies accelerate digital transformation of processes, speed up innovation, optimize operations, reduce compliance risks, and achieve significant cost savings. Xybion is serving over 160 customers in 25 countries including all the top 20 global biopharmaceutical companies.

Xybion’s global scale and expertise brings employees around the world to help companies in life sciences, health systems, research institutions, and governments. We put over 40 years of expertise in action every day to help companies digitally transform their regulated business operations. Our unique solutions focus on employee health and safety, integrated preclinical lab management, early-stage drug discovery, digital lab solutions, regulatory compliance, GRC, quality management, predictive compliance, content management, and systems validation.


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