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Xybion Health launches Emidence, an innovative workers' comp and EHR platform designed to streamline the way workers' comp technology functions.

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Bensalem, P.A., July 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – Xybion Corporation, an industry leading technology company since 1977, serving regulated industries, has announced the general availability of its new platform for Workers’ Compensation under the name Emidence.

Emidence takes a completely new approach to technology in the workers’ comp space. It is built from the ground up as a 100% Evidence-based platform that represents all key stakeholders in the workers’ compensation universe.  This includes providers, payers, litigators, employers and injured workers. Offered as a modular or complete solution, the platform provides software that manages all of the traditional business processes such as bill review, fee schedule, claims management, UR and case management, while bringing a fully functioning, evidence-based EHR for providers that traditionally manage a high volume of workers’ comp cases, such as Physical Therapy, Wellness and Chiropractic.

Said Pradip Banerjee, Chairman and CEO of Xybion; “We saw some glaring gaps in the workers’ comp space and felt that we had a flexible platform that could improve the process and reduce costs along the way. More specifically, when we tie in a complete, evidence-based EHR, the total claims/bill review process was improved worked more quickly and accurately towards resolution. We firmly believe this platform is a game changer in this industry and our early adopter clients are raving fans!”

What makes the Xybion Health platform truly unique is that it is one stop solution for all the stakeholders involved in worker s comp such as patients, providers, attorney s and Insurance companies. It is a fully developed, evidence based EHR platform with Billing services and is ICD 10 ready. All the major discrepancies that plague the worker s comp arena such as improper medical billing, denial of claims, lack of evidence can be prevented and an adequate work flow saving time, money and effort is facilitated.  Said Dr. Banerjee; “Workers’ Comp is a highly regulated area with laws that vary across different states in the United States.  Our specialty, since 1977, has been in helping companies that work in highly regulated industries, to mitigate the risks and costs with managing regulated processes.  Our platform seamlessly integrates EHR with billing services along with being compliant with all Federal and State regulations, ACOEM and Medicare guidelines.”

About Xybion Health

Xybion Health is a suite of solutions for the Workers’ Compensation Market from Xybion Corporation, a global provider of technology solutions, software and services for regulated industries. Xybion Health’s mission is to bring and end-to-end digital workers compensation platform to the market that automates and streamlines the entire workers’ compensation process from provider intake through utilization review to claim payments.


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