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Development of Interface Between Xybion Pristima Laboratory Information System And Instech Solomon Orchesta Infusion System Announced

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Cedar Knolls, N.J., February 26, 2009 /PRWEB/ — Instech Solomon and Xybion Medical Systems Corp. ( announced that they are joining to develop an interface between Instech Solomon’s ORCHESTA lab animal infusion system and Pristima, Xybion’s laboratory information system for safety assessment.

The interface, to be delivered in the autumn of 2009, will enable Instech Solomon’s patent pending ORCHESTA wireless infusion system to request and use current study-related information from Pristima to control flow rates and administered volume for up to 300 animals per study. Such an interface will yield reductions in labor costs and human error.

“Interfacing Pristima to ORCHESTA using real time communications eliminates manual transfer of data from one system to the other to drive an individual infusion” said Carlos Frade, Vice President of Xybion Medical Systems ( “This seamless solution assures the accuracy of each animal’s daily infusion volume as Pristima provides the most current data at the start of the infusion. The complexities associated with large infusion studies will be dramatically reduced with this interface.”

Andy Jacobson, a co-owner of Instech Solomon stated that “we are excited to work with Xybion. The two technologies make for an elegant solution that immediately and robustly addresses an intensive operation for our clients. ORCHESTA is the first automated lab animal infusion system to integrate syringe pumps, wireless hardware and superior control and monitoring software. Integrating to Pristima further automates the entire infusion process.”

Xybion Medical Systems’ Pristima system addresses all aspects of preclinical data acquisition, management and reporting. Xybion Medical Systems’ product is used by the world’s largest and most prestigious pharmaceutical, chemical and contract research companies in compound safety assessment and to reduce the time involved in bringing a drug or chemical to market. Also providing software validation services to the industry, Xybion Medical Systems, headquartered in Cedar Knolls, NJ, is the primary operating arm of Xybion Corp., a life sciences research and development support firm, engaged in e-clinical, e-pre-clinical, e-research and discovery software and management services


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