BREAKING NEWS: Xybion – One of the Top 10 LIMS Solution Providers for 2019

LAWRENCEVILLE, NEW JERSEY – December 10, 2019, Xybion Corporation, a New Jersey-based global software solutions provider that focused on companies in the life sciences industry and other highly regulated industries, has been named as one of the top 10 Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Solution providers in 2019. Xybion was recognized by pharma Tech Outlook in their annual publication selecting the Top 10 LIMS Solutions providers who are transforming business practices. With keeping track of lab samples coming in and out, record keeping can be a challenging task. This is where LIMS solutions have made it easier over time with new technology advances and automation. Xybion introduces a Digital Lab Management Solution that Kamal Biswas, President, and COO, comments “We describe our offering as a Digital Lab Management Solution since it meets the requirements of the new digital world.”

A common challenge that companies face is needing to purchase several systems to meet all business and compliance requirements. Xybion’s Digital Lab management solution diminishes this issue by creating one single cloud-based platform. Elevating the burden and ultimately making it “Your Process – Your Way”, the motto allows Xybion to address specific client problems and allows Xybion to constantly differentiate in the market. “To meet business and compliance requirements, companies need to buy several systems such as quality management systems, documents management system, data management & analytics systems with a LIMS. Our cloud-based lab management solution reduces the burden of buying four or five different systems or displaces several existing systems with one platform and can be configured with their existing processes at a lower TCO.” Stated Kamal Biswas, Xybion’s President, and COO.

Through a configurable business process workflow engine Xybion provides LIMS solutions to various business needs such as CAR-T therapy, QC lab, Diagnostics lab, Analytical lab, Pharma R&D lab, and Testing services lab. This capability creates flexibility for an organization with various labs using a single LIMS platform. “We are glad to recognize Xybion as one of the Top 10 LIMS Solution Providers – 2019,” said Stacey Smith, Editor-in-Chief of Pharma Tech Outlook. “With its LIMS solution that enables lab technicians to precisely monitor the status of each required activity, the company is ensuring an intelligent flow of tasks and forms, thereby assisting clients to create highly productive laboratory workflows.”

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