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Xybion launches a new website highlighting the power of its new Low-Code cloud-based Digital Acceleration Platform XDP and featuring rapidly configurable Apps in R&D, Total Compliance, and Occupational Health & Safety.

LAWRENCEVILLE, New Jersey – Sept. 16, 2019 – Xybion Corporation announced today it has launched a newly refreshed website,, featuring the new Xybion Digital Platform (XDP), a low-code, rapidly configurable dynamic Business Process Management (BPM) engine designed to accelerate the digital transformation of the core operational systems and improve business efficiency and performance in highly regulated environments. The new site introduces Xybion’s new digital capabilities and end-to-end pre-configured applications in its focused domains of:

  • The gold standard for end-to-end Preclinical R&D, SEND & submission
  • Quality and compliance embedded cloud-based LIMS, scientific data, and total laboratory process management
  • Total Quality and Compliance Risk Management and
  • Integrated Occupational Health, Safety, Care, Case, Compliance & Claims management

The new website at introduces Xybion’s new mission: “Digitize-Transform-Innovate” and empowering it customers to have “Your Process-Your Way”. It breaks out a range of common and complicated business processes by easy-to-follow, color-coded graphics, and invites visitors to customize and demo specific applications by area, such as preclinical R&D, compliance, and claims management, for one month, free. An easy-to-navigate user interface allows for search by regulated industry, solution, or product.

Xybion’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Pradip Banerjee, Ph.D., MBA stated, “Our primary goal is to give our customers a unified and seamless digital management system where employees, partners, vendors, and regulatory authorities can collaborate from anywhere in the world.” Dr. Banerjee added, “Our XDP solutions do just that, plus it lets you create end-to-end digital workflows, rules-driven automation, connected systems, and facilities. The result, giving you data-driven management throughout your business operation to make everything flow more easily.”

The refreshed website and new platform improvements come at a time when companies are seeking to eliminate software and management system redundancies, improve overall efficiencies, reduce costs, and scale globally.  Xybion XDP offers one centralized, cloud-based platform built to grow and expand.  By 2020, more than 65% of all companies will be running a low-code, cloud-based platform to compete in our rapidly transforming global economy (Gartner, August 2019).

Xybion XDP now offers a vast range of pre-built code sets allowing for rapid configuration into highly customized processes and workflows tailored to individual businesses.  To improve process signoffs and quality control, XDP now includes a unified operational integration layer connecting customers, suppliers, and regulatory bodies for a seamless management process, from start to finish.

About Xybion Corporation 

Xybion is the leading provider of software, services, and consulting for global corporations operating in highly regulated industries. Xybion supports the large global and emerging technology companies in life sciences, healthcare and Insurance, government industries relying on research and development, laboratory processes, quality, and compliance risk management, occupational health, safety, care, and claims.

Our unique solutions focus on integrated R&D and laboratory process management, regulatory compliance, GRC, health & safety, quality management, and systems validation. Xybion’s combination of software, business process management, services, validation, and implementation services cover a broad spectrum of critical business needs for organizations and deliver solutions on a global scale. Since its founding in 1977, Xybion Corporation has supported clients in highly regulated industries around the world including 100% of the top 20 global life sciences companies, through software, services, and consulting.